Refining Your Book Writing Journey, Word by Word.

At Global Books Publishers, we are the biggest supporters of storytellers. Be it your life story, a fictitious piece, or a historical one; we bring your vision to life in the form of a meticulously written and published book.

We have a team of experienced and talented book enthusiasts on board who are masters of their genres. We have a proven track record of releasing thousands of successful publications – diligently written, designed, edited and published. Not just that, many of our clients have become best-selling authors through our professional expertise.

  • Researching And Outlining The

    We understand your idea and requirements and devise a well thought out plot after conducting thorough research.

  • Writing Original Content Based On Your Idea

    Once you approve the plot outline, our writers will start writing an original and unique first draft in line with your idea.

  • Critical Review, Editing And Proofreading

    We continue editing and revising the draft in tandem throughout the writing process. Once done, our editors proofread it.

  • Extensive Formatting, Typesetting, And Designing

    As soon as the manuscript is written, edited,proofread and approved by you, we format it extensively.

  • Publishing, Branding, Marketing And Promotions

    After we finalise your book, we publish it in your desired format and promote it.

Putting You in the Driver's Seat.

When you choose our book services, you are in control every little step of the way. From editorial changes to formatting to setting the RRP, it's all your call! Our writers are passionate, driven and can produce beautiful literary pieces relevant to a wide variety of niches, genres and industries.

We take pride in our versatility as we cater to the following genres, niches and industries:

  • General Nonfiction

  • Narrative Nonfiction

  • Biography

  • Autobiography

  • Essays

  • Speech

  • Drama

  • Poetry

  • Children’s Story

  • Short Story

  • Fantasy

  • Humour

  • Fable

  • Fairy Tale

  • Tall Tale

  • Science Fiction

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Folklore

  • Historical Fiction

  • Horror

  • Legend

  • Mystery

  • Mythology

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